Lessons from the Len Master

Business and Life Lessons Learned by a Grateful Son

Lessons from the Len Master straddles the line between self-help and business help, offering life lessons that will promote your personal and professional business development. The book is geared towards adults who are in the beginning or middle stages of their business careers. It is ideal for CEOs, marketers, salespersons or anyone looking to expand their career options and increase their personal success.
This latest business book by Ron Zayas is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Important News

On the Air: Frankie Boyer Biz Talk Radio

Listen to Ron on on the “Frankie Boyer Show on Biz Talk Radio” Monday, August 24 at 11:30 PST. Ms. Boyer’s show focuses on current events, health break thrus and exciting guests. She will be interviewing Ron on a 30-minute segment about his latest book, Lessons from the Len Master. Listen in live (or after the show) by clicking the link below.

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On the Air: Popp-Off Radio Show

Mary Jane Popp interviewed Ron on her nationally syndicated radio show on how character and ethics matter today in business and life. They also discussed how to spot and disarm pathological liars before they damage your life and business. Click on View Details to listen to the interview

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How to Protect Against Liars

Ron was a guest on James Lowe’s coast-to-coast radio show discussing how to spot a liar and how important learning to disarm liars is in your business and personal lives. Click on the View Details link below, then click on the “Listen Live” Button to hear Ron’s tips for inoculating yourself from the lies people tell.

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Turn Your Clients into Salespeople

Want to increase profitable sales? Recruit your clients and customers as sales teams. This popular seminar teaches salespeople, sales managers and business owners to tap into the power of fanatical clients. Don’t be content with referrals and testimonials – inspire your clients to drive sales.

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SEO Exposed

In SEO Exposed: The Secrets To A Better-Performing Website, you’ll learn how search engines work, and about how to implement practical changes to your website that will increase the right kind of traffic and make your site profitable (whether you define profit as making money, educating your audience or simply being heard).

This latest, best-selling book by Ron Zayas is available at Amazon.

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Inspire, motivate and lead your team members, franchisees, executives or sales teams with a personalized presentation. Ron is an expert speaking on the following subjects:

  • Growing your business
  • Negotiating agreements and relationships
  • How managers can inspire success

With a twisted sense of humor and a unique outlook on life, Ron’s seminars are highly rated as informative and effective, with formats to fit many budgets, from inexpensive webinars to value-rich keynote speeches and presentations.

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Shared wisdom, worth sharing.

– Mark Johns

Author of Twenty Timeless Truths of Selling and Successful Sales Management

Ron shares his father’s wisdom. I’m honored to learn from it.

– Zabrina Hazeltine

CEO, Hamilton Group Meeting Planners, Inc.

Ron shows you how to build relationships that last.

– Bridget DiRico

CEO, author of Bursting Bubbles

What we resist, persists. Ron’s book shows you how resisting the temptation to cut corners pays off with success.

– Andy Phillips

CEO, Cliq, Inc.

His leadership is outstanding and rarely found in business today.

– Sally Coon

Vice President, Team Logic, IT