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You Can’t Succeed By Being Someone Else

If you think about the people you most love, admire and respect in this world, chances are they are unlike anyone else. They are not perfect, they aren’t always right, they aren’t usually the smartest or the richest, but they tend to be at ease with themselves.

It takes strength and discipline to be who you are, because in the world of business and personal interaction, the pressure to be like everyone else is similar to gravity: relentless, tenacious and seemingly always winning out in the end.

If you want to be one of the few to resist the pull of mediocrity, Ron Zayas’s books and seminars can help. He’ll provide you with the knowledge, insight and confidence to fight the pressure to go along with the crowd and instead become the manager, entrepreneur, employee or person you are meant to be. Consistently. Successfully.

Courage is being true to you. Success is learning to be courageous every day.

Ron’s Message for Business Leaders

Are you trying to achieve profitable results in your business? Do you want your employees to be more successful and productive? Are you looking for a way to let your salespeople, franchisees and managers take your company to the next level? Do you want to be a better leader or person? Ron has helped countless professionals learn the skills and traits that achieve these goals.

His books, seminars and business consultation focus on three pillars of success:

One: You succeed when you and those around you are strong enough to trust your own instincts

In business – and in our personal lives – we find people and employees who impress us with who they are. We hire them, promote them – sometimes befriend, date and marry them – because of their originality, quirkiness and abilities. And then we apply every pressure to make them exactly like us or like everyone else.

Ron’s philosophy is to identify the people who matter, encourage and teach them to be who they are meant to be, and then reap the rewards of this network of employees, friends and loved ones.

Two: It’s not called the right thing for nothing

No one ever became successful without the inner courage to do right by what they personally believe. How do we know what is right? Those signals may originate from our faith, our families, our businesses or our communities. Most of us know what we should do; but getting there when you have a lot on the line is never easy. Good managers, thoughtful leaders and exceptional parents help us to find the strength to be who we are, despite what the herd tells us we should be. Doing the right thing is good for business. Teaching your people to have the strength of their convictions is good for everyone.

Three: Life is one long negotiation.

If you think that a negotiation is how to get everything you want at the expense of someone else, you never got past the second pillar of success. Negotiation is about being inclusive, understanding what you and your negotiating partners need to mutually triumph, and cooperating to achieve those goals. Effective negotiating skills build profitable relationships, enhance brands, close deals and cement personal friendships.

Using his experience, humor and anecdotes learned from starting, running and managing successful businesses, Ron has built a stable of books, presentations, blogs, articles and white papers that can help you achieve your personal and business goals.

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About Ron Zayas

The son of parents who immigrated to the US from Cuba in the late sixties, Ron grew up in Southern California enjoying travel with his family, reading and playing tennis. Raised in a bilingual household by a teacher and engineer, he excelled at language, science and mathematics at school. He was fortunate to attend a school for gifted children, and excelled through the guidance of mentors and strong emotional and intellectual support from his mother and father.

While he performed well academically, Ron chafed under rigid school systems, and left high school at the age of sixteen to attend college. There he majored in social psychology, became editor of the student newspaper and served students as both a senator and senate president. He participated in intramural sports and co-created a comedy show on the college radio station. He was also founder and lead writer for The Alternate, a profitable – but short-lived – humor newspaper on campus.

Once out of college, Ron struggled to find his true calling, jumping from stints in the psychology field to law enforcement to printing, never really finding his niche. With the help of a close friend and mentor, Ron started his first company, Expressions Unlimited, combining his love for technology with the emerging field of Mac-based computers that was revolutionizing the graphics industry. The company became successful, and received much support from Apple and major resort businesses in Las Vegas. Ron eventually sold the company and headed back to Southern California to find his next endeavor, not quite ready to retire at 26.

After a couple of years in the technology field working as a director of marketing and general manager for a computer peripherals company, Ron became the chief marketing officer at Franchise Services, a leader in the franchise printing, accounting and business services industry. Ron cherished his time developing marketing strategies, presenting at major conventions and regional sales and marketing venues, and developing the company’s online and digital strategies. He was one of the few marketing officers at a major company to also have the complete IT portfolio under him, further leveraging his technology chops.

Although content in his position and especially with his new family – a wife and three children – the desire to start his own company was too strong to ignore. Ron left Franchise Services, Inc. and co-founded 360 Business Consulting, a marketing implementation company that helped Fortune 500 and small and startup companies implement profitable marketing and sales programs. The company grew to eight offices in seven states, servicing major corporations and innovative small companies, and evolved into a leading provider of websites, mobile apps and technology solutions. Ron continued to be a speaker and author while running the company, writing books on small business marketing and search engine optimization.

360 soon became 360 BC Group, Inc. and encompassed brands such as 360Sonar, 360Biz, 360Circuits and 360Civic, which became a well-respected developer of websites for public entities, including those for major cities and large school districts around the country. Ron was instrumental in the launch of these and other entities, and soon found himself speaking in front of organizations such as The National Association of Attorneys General and the Federal Trade Commission, which prized his experience in matters about online privacy, marketing and technology.

Ron has lust launched his newest book, Lessons from the Len Master (PostHill Publishing),a business and personal development book (buy it on amazon or anywhere else books are sold) that translates the lessons Ron learned from his father into building ethical and successful businesses and relationships.

While still involved as CEO of 360 BC Group, Ron has brought in new investors and a management team to allow him more time to write books and make presentations to leading organizations. Helping companies in the private, public and non-profit space, while making people laugh and think, has always been Ron’s first love.

An avid enthusiast of classic British and German roadsters, a licensed pilot and compulsive tennis player, Ron enjoys traveling with his wife, and discovering the joys of becoming a new grandfather.

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