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How To Tell If That Conspiracy Is Actually True

Sometimes the biggest liars aren’t people Next to the chapters on negotiation, the most popular chapter of my book Lessons from the Len Master deals with how to spot liars. It is not surprising that people want to know when they are being deceived before they wreck their businesses, lives and relationships. But what if […]

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jack nicholson

Why We Believe Liars, Part III: And Why It Matters

(Read Part One and Part Two) “You can’t handle the truth.” — Col. Nathan R. Jessup That quote is not just a great line from a good movie, it is what liars say to victims when they want to be believed. Which leads us to the third reason we believe liars and let them in […]

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two men talking to each other

Why We Believe Liars, Part Deux

(I say it that way because I am part French, despite the fact I am 100% Cuban) In my last blog I explained that for every consummate psychopathic, pathological liar, scammer, lowlife, etc., there is someone who believes him. Or her. But usually it is him. Men are 20 times more likely to be pathological […]

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man with long nose

It’s Easy To Spot A Liar. So, Why Do We Still Believe The Lies?

If you want to be vaccinated from liars, you have to understand why we sometimes believe them The other day I was on a radio show with a host who typically discusses political topics. She had me on to promote my book, and focused on my chapter about identifying liars. She had clearly read the […]

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waiting in line

No payroll tax cut. No immunity. If you really want to help the economy, help the unemployed.

Sometimes your choices just suck. When it comes to what Congress should do in the next round of bailout money, that is definitely the case. As a kid, I remember standing in front of an ice cream display counter and making one of the hardest choices a kid can make: how many scoops? Two scoops […]

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hand holding a newspaper

Tired of COVID? So am I. Let’s do something about it

Close your eyes. Make a wish. Did that make COVID go away? Hmm. Ok, well we tried that, now let’s try actually doing something. If your main priority (and mine) is to stop the spread of the virus, we are not going about it the right way. If your objective is improving the economy (and […]

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Yes, You Can Get a Raise in These Crazy COVID Times

Negotiate my salary? In the middle of a recession/pandemic? Are you mad? Well, I have been called worse. The short answer is yes – anything at any time is negotiable. One of the skills my father taught me — and I devoted three chapters to it in my book Lessons from the Len Master — […]

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The US has a Napoleon Complex

Which is not to say that the country is overcompensating for being short. See, Napoleon wasn’t short. He was 5’7”, and for the time, that was average height. But the British, for whatever reason, thought that by lying and saying he was short (based on the difference between the Imperial and Continental ways of measuring […]

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F the Banks

Yes, you read that right. Here’s why I said it. A lot of small companies got screwed in how the Payment Protection Program (PPP) loan program rolled out. In fact, most small businesses would have been left out entirely, if Congress had not extended the program. The behavior of Wells Fargo (our soon-to-be-former bank) and […]

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The Real Art of Negotiation, Part III: Avoiding Rookie Mistakes

While 80% of negotiating, in my opinion, is prep and strategy, avoiding mistakes can make your eventual outcome a lot easier.

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