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Lessons from the Len Master: Business and Life Lessons Learned by a Grateful Son

By Ron Zayas

Armed with the life lessons he learned from his father, Ron Zayas helps you rise to greater success in life, business, and negotiations—while doing it ethically.

What is the secret to success? Why do some people find it and others search around in vain? While he has no magic bullet, Ron Zayas was fortunate enough to have an involved father who has provided a varied and rewarding set of advice throughout his life on everything from overcoming cliques at work, to being an ethical business leader, to negotiating deals that last, to spotting liars and disarming them. Using his years as a CEO, entrepreneur, and C-level officer at a large, global company, Ron wraps sage advice from his Cuban father in short, funny stories that anyone can relate to. Lessons from the Len Master is an entertaining, funny, and concise manual perfect for CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to reach goals or simply get more out of life.

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